How to import:

  1. Navigate to the Report Manager URL, which by default should be http://<server>/Reports or http://<server>/Reports_<instance> . The way to be sure is through Reporting Services Configuration Manager:

2. Upload each of the reports to the desired folder

Choose a report to run:


Using the Report:

Browser interface:

Console interface:



Regardless of the interface you choose, the selector options will be enabled as you choose the data, to only bring the options you truly have – if I choose my DC, I get DC counters:

Note: the field update behavior is slightly different on the console and browser, so if one feels slow, you might try using the other interface


Likewise, I am given only the option to choose counters and instances that exist on at least one of the objects: 


Select the desired instances, and finally run the report:


For the Group reports, the behavior is roughly the same:

Note: the report bring all the performance counters for the computers that contain the objects in the groups by design. This is to facilitate getting OS counters for groups with server roles, such as DCs


Using the filters: in large environments, there are many servers, making it hard to find the ones we want. When you use the filter, only those computers or groups will show up:


The main wildcards I use are _ for any single character and % for any string of zero or more characters

For more about filtering, check


Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the reports? All feedback is welcome