Are you looking to pull the plug on all landline devices at your home, once and for all? Does the expensive monthly billing for your cable TV exasperate you? Do you want no strings attached to your next TV service? Well, you are lucky, because in this day and age it is anything but hard to join the ranks of the ‘cord-cutters’. A wide variety of online streaming services are competing day in and day out to make your movie and TV series streaming experience as exclusive and special as can be. These internet reliant services have an upper hand in many aspects.

The biggest convenience that sets your online experience apart is the ability to watch whatever you want wherever you want. Keeping up with the TV schedule is a thing of the past, now your time and accessibility are the preference. Also, one account in your name can run on all your devices and sync your activity on all of them.

The collection of movies and series of all genres and periods is extensive especially on big streamers like Netflix and Hulu. Such encompassing and diverse library helps you watch any movie of your choice; modern or classic.

Gone are the days when you had to sit through long minutes of numerous commercial breaks, the focus of the movie slipping away every two seconds. The online streaming services make sure that you watch your movies as they were intended to be watched; in one sitting. You can download full-length episodes, movies and even whole seasons at high speed for offline viewing.

The lot of streamers like Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu along with licensed, rented and bought content also shows an array of independent films and first-class original content. In the past years, Netflix has produced scores of high rated movies and shows with engaging plots and marvelous cinematography.

In addition to the fresh new stuff, the collection of the standard classics is equally well accessible and large scale. Even the movies dating back decades are available in good form and shape.

If you are a cheapskate and paying even the cheapest of bills doesn’t suit your mood yet you want to watch your movies in HD quality with perfect sound and pixels the likes of Netflix and Amazon offer a one-month free trial before you are required to pay. Moreover, there are different sets of billing packages for different customers ranging from cheap to moderate.

Signing up for these sites is no rocket science. With minimum steps and most basic information you can become a member within minutes and set up a free Netflix account .however, it will not tie you down for any certain amount of period, the moment you want out, you can cancel your subscription. The monthly payment can be done through various ways including PayPal and postpaid mobile service.

It is no wonder that this form of sharing is growing rapidly at a blinding rate because with all its benefits in mind these online streaming services are way cheaper, efficient and time effective than any other option available in the market.