This gallery entry is a SQL Server 2016 database backup, which contains a fully functional game called Seacrawl Adventures. I have written several games with .NET, monogame, and XNA. I thought a game written and played 100% in SQL Server would be a nice way to introduce youths to SQL Server and database technologies. I've never seen this done before and why not do it for the SQL Server community?


I didn't spend much time trying to tune the queries or put any effort at all. The database and queries are designed more like an application. So if you're looking for an example of how NOT to design a database, this may be it. :)


Just be sure you're running SQL Server 2016 or later and that you increase the text output in SSMS.  Once your text output is increased and you're returning query results to text (CTRL-T) you should be able to play.


To get a full list of commands, run the "Do" stored procedure as follows:   EXEC dbo.DO 'Help'