Starting from clean Linux machine, we will create a full SQL Server developing and learning environment on Linux.

In this session, we will focus on tools, which are familiar to Windows users. We will install tools for local use on the Linux machine, for example: SQLCMD, PowerShell, Visual Studio Core, etc. In addition, we will show how to use tools to manage Linux machine and SQL Server remotely from Windows machine, for example: SSMS, Microsoft Remote Desktop, etc.

If you have not yet tested SQL Server on Linux, if you are struggling in managing SQL Server on Linux, or if you want to learn about the latest updates coming in the next version of SQL Server, then this session is for you!

* I replaced the old file, from the Israeli User Group lecrure, with a new file from my lecure at the India User Group, since SQL Server was released in the mean time and part of the code and information from the old lecture is not relevant today. This file relevant to the released version.