This sample management pack extends the current dashboard layout types in System Center Operations Manager 2012 by providing some new templates to create dashboards with grid layouts of identical-sized cells and with more than 9 cells per layout (e.g. 3x4s, 4x4s, 5x5s), via a UI in the OpsMgr 2012 Operations Console. 

These grid layout templates are defined in a management pack with a display name of Sample Grid Layout Extension Group 1 and importing the management pack into an OpsMgr 2012 environment will allow the dashboard layout templates to appear under the "All Templates/WeiOutThere Sample Grid Layouts" folder in the "Select a dashboard layout or widget template" page: 

To use any of these new grid layout templates for a custom dashboard, select the Dashboard View option in the Monitoring Workspace, choose a Grid Layout template, give it a meaningful name and click Create to complete the dashboard layout creation.   

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