V6 Update (July 2019)

V5 Update (March 2019)

Updates on the Exchange Server Versions up to march


V4 Update (Nov 2018)

Updates on the Exchange Server Versions 


V3 Update Correction (Jun 2018)

There was an error in the validation of the parameters, this was corrected

V3 Update?

Updated Versions today 03/22/2018

Changed name to match PowerShell standards "Set-ExSCP", Set Exchange Service Control Points.


V2 Update?

 Added the Powershell Virtual Directory for exchange server 2013 SP1 or above

What does this script do for me?

 Configure internal, external or both Services Connection Points URLs for Exchange Server 2010/2013/2016. Do it in 2 minutes instead of 10 (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt473796(v=exchg.150).aspx)


What Parameters it receives:
 UrlPath => this should match a web address like "https://mail.domain.com" (it is validated using a Regular Expression)

Several Get switches depending on your needs:

 Switch Parameter: Get => Value by default it gets all the internal and external URL for all the entry points of your exchange server.

 Switch Parameter: GetExternal=> Gets all the external URL for all the entry points of your exchange server.

Switch Parameter: GetInternal => Gets all the internal URL for all the entry points of your exchange server.

Several Set switches depending on your needs:

To work, it requires you to provide the Urlpath parameter with a valid URL.

Switch Parameter: Set => Value that works to set the internal and external points to the urlpath  

Switch Parameter: SetExternal => Works to set the external  points to match the provided urlpath  

Switch Parameter: SetInternal  => Works to set the internal  points to match the provided urlpath  


Examples of use:

-Get (or without any parameter is the default behavior)


-Set (Sets up internal and external Url at once) and the shows you the result (-Get)

-SetInternal (Sets the internal URLs and shows you the result)

-SetExternal (Set the externals URL and shows you the result)