Script to fix issues described in KB947222 (PowerShell)

This Windows PowerShell script will modify the file permission, and fix fix issues described in KB947222.

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  • Scripting
    1 Posts | Last post March 30, 2017
    • Hello,
      Could someone advise how to get this script to run automatically? I would like to get a batch file or powershell to run this and fill in answers on a weekly/monthly basis.
  • How far down the directory structure does this script dig?
    2 Posts | Last post September 26, 2013
    • Since the issue lies with only the desktop.ini file that lies in the path (in my particular case) D:\users\%USERNAME%\desktop.ini, there's no need to change any other desktop.ini file that exists in, say, D:\users\%USERNAME%\My Videos\desktop.ini or the like. Does this script stop at the \%USERNAME%\ branch in the directory tree, or does it, in effect, look for any and all desktop.ini files residing under the directory from which it is run? Thanks.
    • Well, I decided to just go for it. For posterity, and anyone with the same question, it stops at the \%USERNAME%\ level and does not reach down any further, which is perfect. This is such a great tool to fix what has become quite an annoyance.