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Boe Prox
This is an updated version of the Get-ProductKey function that was featured on PowerShell.com's PowerTips. This function expands on the existing code by allowing the querying of multiple remote systems, outputting of objects
that include the system, Operating System and version
Updated 5/5/2012
Released 5/5/2012
Jaap Brasser
This script generates a list by querying the registry and returning the installed programs of a local or remote computer. It allows for retrieval of additional properties such as the uninstall string of an application as well.
Updated 4/23/2015
Released 8/23/2013
OneScript Team
How to show all users or last logon user in Windows 8
Updated 6/27/2014
Released 6/27/2014
Bhargav Shukla [KEMP]
Did you ever wanted to modify your registry or add a key/value pair to registry? Wished there was a script to help you do that? Even better, wished it can run remotely without PowerShell WinRM listener configured on target server?I had custom script that would modify certain regi
Updated 10/31/2011
Released 10/21/2011
Jason W
This script uses Win32.Registry class to enumerate through the USBSTOR key in the registry to get a list of USB storage devices that have been use on a machine.  This script is designed to run locally or remotely.  The results are stored
in a custom PSObject so they can easily
Updated 7/9/2012
Released 5/11/2012
Sukhija Vikas
Hi Readers,I am sharing a script that we have written to create/modify the registry for multiple servers & provide back results in html tablevia email.example:-
extract the attached zip file & then add the server names in servers.txt file.edit the value that you want to write (t
Updated 12/30/2013
Released 12/30/2013
Thiago Cardoso Luiz
In more cases there are necessary to disable PrintScreen Key in Windows system for test environment or example.So you can do that with key registry or Group Policy.Use regedit:

REGEDIT.EXE /S _____.regUse GPO:With Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2 I would recomm
Updated 9/2/2013
Released 9/2/2013
This function will extract the UAC settings from one or more systems.  If specified, this command will revert UAC settings to Microsoft's or your own default values.
Updated 1/8/2014
Released 8/11/2013
RonRatzlaff (The Ratzenator)
Retrieves specified Registry keys and values from local and remote computers
Updated 3/11/2015
Released 6/23/2014
Raimund Andrée
Allows a much easier management of permissions inside the registry database using PowerShell
Updated 8/27/2011
Released 7/26/2011
Sukhija Vikas
Hi Readers,I am sharing a script that we have written to read the registry from multiple servers & provide back results in html tablevia email.example:-extract the attached zip file & then add the server names in servers.txt file.edit the value that you want to read (top of the s
Updated 12/28/2013
Released 12/27/2013
Returns a list of software program installed on specified computers using the registry.  This avoids the performance impact and potential danger of using the WMI Win32_Product class.
Updated 12/8/2013
Released 11/24/2013
This script is designed to fix Modern (Windows 8.x) apps that will not launch and cannot be re-registered due to a permission error with a specific registry key. There are multiple examples of this error on answers.microsoft.com. I responded to the one below but others can be fou
Updated 5/21/2014
Released 5/21/2014
Matthew Kerfoot
 Here is a short PowerShell function that will make Windows boot right to the Desktop at startup; skipping the Metro UI!Speed up your boot time!Note: This does not completly disable the Metro UI it just skips it at logon.How to: Download and save "Disable-MetroAtBoot.ps1" to your
Updated 12/24/2013
Released 12/24/2013
Rohn Edwards
PowerShell method of getting the last write time and class name of registry keys. Provides examples of P/Invoke and a proxy function.
Updated 12/30/2013
Released 11/6/2013

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