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Barry Chum
This is a simple Powershell script to send a WOL packet to an IP address, which should be the broadcast address of the subnet where the device is connected to.
Updated 8/7/2013
Released 8/1/2013
Aman Dhally
Hi,I am not so good in organising my files on my Laptop. I randomly saved there here are there. And When I need to find them VOILA I need to use windows search for it.As Most of the time I spent on my PowerShell Console then I thought to write a simple script which can ask for PA
Updated 6/12/2014
Released 9/13/2012
David Wyatt
Automatically copy PowerShell console output to a log file (from Output, Error, Warning, Verbose and Debug streams), while still displaying the output at the console. Log file output is prepended with date/time and an indicator of which stream originated the line.
Updated 5/27/2015
Released 8/4/2013
Aman Dhally
Hiin my previous upload {
http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Search-for-Files-Using-340397aa }, I write about  "How to search and Find Files using Powershell",  and in this upload you can search for FOlders.  The script is alomost same. but this script shows
only folders.Fo
Updated 6/12/2014
Released 9/13/2012
David Wyatt
Write to both the console and a log file (with automatic timestamps in the log file) for 5 streams: Output, Error, Warning, Debug and Verbose.
Updated 1/23/2014
Released 6/13/2013
Jeffrey S. Patton
This is a collection of functions that I wrote to enhance how I write PowerShell scripts and functions. They can be installed as menu items to make them easier to get at and use. I have a specific template that I follow when writing and these functions automate that somewhat.
Updated 2/14/2012
Released 9/13/2011
David Wyatt
Ping hundreds of machines at a time using PowerShell using multithreading (without the added overhead of additional powershell.exe processes that would come from using the Start-Job cmdlet.)
Updated 5/8/2014
Released 6/18/2013
Prashanth Jayaram
SQL Server  Export  to Excel with Powershell is very useful for all sorts of activities – ETL and reporting are some examples.  
This post is to Export SQL Data to Excel with Powershell.In this example, a connection is made to a SQL server Instance using DSN and then SQL output
Updated 2/24/2014
Released 2/24/2014
David Wyatt
5 examples of different techniques that can be used to securely encrypt (and in most cases, share) secret data using PowerShell.
Updated 9/24/2014
Released 2/9/2014
amin, adnan
DotNet conference was held in June 2014, I was downloading the videos and slides, downloading one by one takes too much time so I decided to share write powershell script which will download all available videos in DotNet Conference and will also download
Updated 9/15/2014
Released 8/25/2014
Brenton J.W. Blawat
By: Brenton BlawatThe encryption and decryption of strings is essential when creating an enterprise product that has clear text passwords. This function displays how to encrypt and decrypt a string using Powershell using Richard’s code located at http://poshcode.org/116. While I
Updated 8/27/2012
Released 8/27/2012
David Wyatt
Normalize File System paths in PowerShell scripts (including UNC paths and those containing 8.3 short file names.)
Updated 2/20/2014
Released 2/20/2014
Barry Chum
This is a simple script to list the IP addresses within a range. The script accepts 2 different input formats. You can either specify the start and end of the IP range, or you can specify the subnet mask and any IP within the subnet.
Updated 8/7/2013
Released 8/1/2013
Chris J Warwick

Not much to this:  Creates a scheduled task to regularly update the PowerShell help files.  I wrote this while messing around with the Task Scheduler cmdlets and thought I might as well write something that was actually useful!  Change the Trigger parameters to run at a time
Updated 9/8/2014
Released 9/8/2014
David Wyatt
The function in the attached PS1 file attempts to examine the MS-DOS and PE headers of an executable file to determine whether it is a 16-bit, 32-bit or 64-bit application.  The function returns a string value, which will be "Unknown", "16-bit", "32-bit", or "64-bit".
Updated 9/28/2014
Released 3/28/2014

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