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Craig Lussier
These PowerShell scripts will automate downloading and installing the SharePoint 2013 Prerequisites on Windows Server 2012. The scripts will assist those who need to install SharePoint 2013 'offline' or wish to manually install its Prerequisites on Windows Server 2012.
Updated 6/6/2014
Released 11/22/2012
amin, adnan
A site administrator can easily verify and check user permissions from site settings, but what if it is required to list access permission details for all the users in a SharePoint site, this is not possible Out of the Box. Attached script file is helpful is this scenario.
Updated 4/6/2015
Released 1/13/2015
Salaudeen Rajack
Requirement: To ensure security, generate permissions report on all locations like (sites, lists, etc.) where a specific user has permissions.

When people moving from one role to another, Its necessary to audit their permissions on sites and lists where user has access right
Updated 9/14/2015
Released 1/8/2013
Roger Cormier
This script uses PowerShell to copy all files and folders from one document library to another document library.  This script will allow you to copy an entire document library, along with user-defined metadata from one site collection to another.
Updated 11/7/2013
Released 11/17/2012
amin, adnan
Attached powerShell script is very useful to get detail reports of all documents in a SharePoint Site Collection or site and sub sites. This script will list all document libraries which also system libraries(i.e. Master Page
Gallery, List Template Gallery, etc.).
Updated 8/26/2014
Released 8/26/2014
Cornelius J. van Dyk
This PowerShell script will take a site collection URL as input and will then itterate through each sub web in the site collection, clearing it's recycle bin before finally clearing the site collection recycle bin at the end.This script is very useful if you're moving site collec
Updated 12/11/2013
Released 12/12/2011
James Hammonds
This script is comprised of several functions that will collectively inventory content within a SharePoint 2007, 2010, and 2013 farm and generate CSV files that detail the web apps, site collections, webs, lists, timer job definitions, and Content Types.
Updated 10/20/2015
Released 1/16/2014
Ivan Josipovic
This script will move a SharePoint 2013 Search Index to a specific location
Updated 9/3/2013
Released 2/7/2013
Muawiyah Shannak

This Powershell script that downloads each item in a list of URLs (of SharePoint 2013 pre-requisites) to a user-specified location. This PowerShell Script use in a situation when you don’t have internet access (install sharepoint 2013 offline) in the
SharePoint 2013 server.A
Updated 11/21/2013
Released 2/10/2013
This script has been written to clear configuration cache from all SharePoint servers in the SharePoint farm. It makes a query against SharePoint farm to get list of all servers and leaves out mail and SQL server. After then, it proceeds to clear cache.
This script has been com
Updated 10/3/2015
Released 6/2/2014
A Powershell script that downloads each item in a list of URLs (of SharePoint 2010 pre-requisites) to a user-specified location.

The latest release has an updated URL for the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services ADOMD.NET.
Updated 10/22/2012
Released 4/29/2010
This script query against every sharepoint site in existing farm and gathers details for site size, both in MB and GBs. The output is saved in html format. Also selected web applications can be exempted from process, if their response status is not required.
Updated 11/3/2015
Released 12/24/2014
Roger Cormier
This script can be used to create User Profile Service Applications.
Updated 9/27/2012
Released 8/31/2012
Roger Cormier
This script produces a text file report of which items have been uniquely secured and which Active Directory users and groups have been granted access, based on the user domain specified.
Updated 11/19/2012
Released 10/23/2012
This cmdlet combines the SSA level and current topology information from the Search System (e.g. SystemManager) into a single summary that can be used to check overall Index state and health. The information also facilitates the interpretation of related messages occurring in ULS
Updated 11/4/2015
Released 4/10/2015

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