Sends any number of pings at a target, analyzing round trip time. - Does not require a wait period between pings, however it is possible to add one (in fractions of a second) - ttl can be adjusted in fractions of a second - Provides latency analysis across all pos. results.

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  • I recommend you think twice before EVER installing this!!!!!!
    2 Posts | Last post August 24, 2019
    • This author went against best practices and apparently thought it would be cute for whatever reason to quietly throw in the almost NEVER used param option at the very bottom of this script (which is why unless you read this warning, like me you probably will miss it) of "CONSTANT" on the alias of....what would be best to call this thing?  How about just "PING".  Sure, that's intelligent.  Not "FWN-Ping" or "Try-My-Ping"....nope let's just forcibly constant their primary built-in ping command.
      In other words, since you CANNOT delete aliases created this way, he has now made it impossible to ever simply execute the normal system "ping" command in ANY future POSH session and even via FORCE, it CANNOT be removed.
      Ever shorter: Once dotsourced - you are screwed.
    • In fact, to show just how infrequently (On my DEV system with literally many HUNDREDS of public and commercial modules loaded) THIS is what a list of only those aliases branded as "CONSTANT" reveals now:
      λ  Get-Alias | where {$_.Options -band [System.Management.Automation.ScopedItemOptions]::Constant }
      CommandType     Name                                               Version    Source
      -----------     ----                                               -------    ------
      Alias           Ping -> Send-Ping
      Yep, ONLY THIS ONE.  Author - perhaps do a bit of reading on this options before you hap-hazzardly set them for no apparent reason because in this case, you could have accomplished the EXACT same thing without constant and allowed us to simply CHOOSE when we wanted our primary PING command overwritten by this function's alias - when WE choose to dotsouce it. I cannot believe nobody else has ever complained (or needed to use standard PING after testing this) all I can think is since 2014 not many bothered to dotsource it (yet).
      STRONGLY suggest you revise it and remove that option before anyone else makes the mistake of dotsourcing this.