Server Report

Example of using WMI to gather server information and publish in Word document. To accompany article of Scripting Guy blog. The script shows how to use WMI to collect the information and how to use Word styles with PowerShell. The code assumes the use of Word 2013 but should wor

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  • Error Messages
    2 Posts | Last post November 06, 2013
    • When I run the script on my Windows Server 2008 with Office 2007, I get following error message:
      New-CimSession is not recognized as the name of cmdlet.
      Unable to find type []make sure that the assembly containing this type is loaded.
      I am new to powershell so any help would be great.   
    • You are probably running PowerShell 1.0 or possibly 2.0. Those versions don't contain New-CimSession as it was introduced in PowerShell 3.0