With Enum Builder we can now create an unsealed MP with as many items as you need in one shot! Enum Builder for the most part works the same way as Enum Creator so the instructions should look familiar.


Known Limitation

Note: Now supports up to a 3 level enum list.


  1. Compile your list values in to a csv file. You will need to ensure that you provide the Enumeration Root Name in column A. See below for an example.(I have included this example csv file in the download)
  2. Enter the ID of your MP.
  3. Enter the Version of your MP.
  4. Enter the Name of your MP.
  5. Enter the Name of the MP your Root Enumeration List is in.
  6. Enter the Version of that MP.
  7. Enter the Public Key Token of that MP.
  8. Browse to the CSV created in step 1.
  9. Select the file name and location where you would like to save your New MP.
  10. Click Start.


Dot Net 4 needs to be installed

Once Enum Builder has completed the start button is disabled, if you wish to create another MP that references another MP you just need to select a new CSV file and that will enable the start button again.

Version now supports periods in the name of your EnumRoot

Version supports Spanish characters and has an improved csv parser

Version Fixed bug introduced in Version

Version fixed a few logic bugs

Version removed text box word wrap

Version fixed bug intorduced in version

Version Fixed bug that prevented single level list from processing correctly

Version now only requires .net 4

Version Added option to create Negative ordinals for top Level List items, added Error messages for problems reading CSV file Plus you will now find a Command line version included with the download, so you can now automate the process if you wish.

Version bug fix.