This is a collection of (for now) two PowerShell scripts that use SMLets to reveal interesting information about user roles in SCSM.

  1. UserRolesReport.ps1 generate a "report" in the console window of all the user roles and for each user role: the user role profile, the user/group members, queues, groups, view, tasks, runtime tasks, templates, and classes that the user role has access to.  More information can be found at the original blog post about this script.
  2. Get-UserPermissions.ps1 takes a username as an input parameter and then finds out which user roles that user is a member of whether directly or indirectly through membership in an AD group which is a member of a user role.  More details about this script can be found at this blog post.

Note: These scripts require SMLets. The script assumes that it will be run on the SCSM managment server.  The Get-UserPermissions.ps1 script also requires that the ActiveDirectory module be installed.

Update Jan 23, 2015: Fixed bug in Get-UserPermissions.ps1 script which was comparing the $_.Name (for a user) to $Username instead of $_.SamAccountName like it should be.