Setting Blob Tiers to 'Archive' for large data sets in Azure Blob Storage

I created this script for a client who wanted to change their off-site backups from Tapes to Azure Blob storage. The total amount of data to be migrated to Azure was approximately 40TB and for this to align appropriately with their on-premise storage structure, we would spread

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Windows Azure
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  • I need to change blob tier from cool to archive
    2 Posts | Last post April 05, 2018
    • Deat Brendan, Can you please help me to change tier from cool to archive state by using powershell script , I need to configure it on centos machine. 
    • Hi there,
      Within the script just change the below filter
      Where-Object {$_.ICloudBlob.Properties.StandardBlobTier -eq 'Hot'}
      Where-Object {$_.ICloudBlob.Properties.StandardBlobTier -eq 'Cool'}