Here is a quick script which allow you to display your last event logs in HTML format.

In this example, I choose to display the five last system and application errors.

These logs are set in two variables All_System_Error and All_Apps_Error.

The HTML report is organized in two parts System_Events and Apps_Events.

You can easily modify which part you want to display by modifying the properties from the cmldet get-eventlog and choose to display for an example display warning System event logs  by modifying error with warning

get-eventlog System | where {$_.EntryType -eq "Error"} | select timegenerated, source, eventid, message

A CSS file is apply to the report to give a prettier style.

When you run the Eventsnumerator.ps1 script, the html report will be saved in your %temp% folder and will be automatically displayed.

You can change the report path by modifying the $HTML_Events variable.