Sidder is a little tool built for the .net 4.5 Framework, which means it runs as a standalone executable on Windows 2012 and Windows 2012R2.

Working in environments with lots of users and lots of User Profile Disks this tool will help you to quickly identify which User Profile Disk belongs to which Domain User.


New in v2.0:


Locked file check

In the overview picture above you'll notice one red drive icon. This means that file is in use.


File Size

In the overview picture above you'll notice the file size column. It shows the UVHD size in MBs. The column is sortable by clicking on the column header.


Refresh Button

Does just what the name suggests. Refreshes the current directory.


Folder Browsing

Requested by several users. This now features (a custom built) OpenFolderDialog which accepts UNC paths. The previous version worked with local folders or mapped network drives only.

Status Bar

If you have selected a folder the status bar will show you if the folder contains any UVHD disks and if it does, how many were processed.


UVHD Deletion

Most requested feature by far.

You can now delete orphaned or broken UVHD files by first selecting them in the main view and then clicking the Delete button.

Clicking Cancel will abort the deletion, clicking OK will delete the files that are not locked.


More info on this tool, latest versions, etc can be found on my blog:
I'd love to hear some feedback, or maybe if there are any feature requests.