Skype for Business Backup Tool

First off I will admit that this is not ground breaking in terms of no one has done it before. I’ve ummmed and arrrrghhed about releasing this for some time as the backup script by Lasse Wedo is amazing and will do a great job. However, I believe that my script tool brings some

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  • Response Group Backup
    1 Posts | Last post September 20, 2017
    • Hi,
      I have noticed that my response groups are not being backed up.  This is because the seems to only backup the last Pool/Server in the topology.  My last server is a test server and has no response groups.
      I think you need to put a loop in the script for all response groups.  I have modified my script with the following:
      $rgs = Get-CsService -ApplicationServer | Where {$_.Applications -like "*rgs*"}
                  foreach ($rgsgroup in $rgs)
                      $rgsname = ($rgsgroup.poolfqdn.split("."))[0]
                      Export-CsRgsConfiguration -Source "ApplicationServer:$($rgsgroup.PoolFqdn)" -FileName $FilePath"\RgsConfiguration_"$rgsname".zip" -ErrorAction Stop
                      $stamp = Get-Date
                  $stamp = Get-Date
                  Add-Content -Path $LogFile -Value "$($stamp) [INFO] Successfully Exported Topology Configuration to $($FilePath)\"
  • How to run this script for specific pool?
    1 Posts | Last post September 19, 2017
    • As we are have 10 pool in our Lync environment and it taking 3-4 days for complete this script. So I would like to run this script for specific pool?
      It should create a backup folder with date name as well.
  • Lync support
    1 Posts | Last post August 28, 2017
    • does this tool supports Lync Server 2013 ?
  • Powershell script stuck at Full Backup, Begin Export Config step.
    1 Posts | Last post November 27, 2016
    • Every time when i run the script it get stuck in the step, 'Full Backup Begin Export Config'
      But i could see the zip files in the log path. Is it a bug or i need to modify anything in the script?
  • how delete existing backups
    2 Posts | Last post July 27, 2016
    • how The script will delete existing backups, aged 5 days or older?
    • each time it runs it should clean up the backup location by taking the timestamp and subtracting 5 days, then removing all zip files that have a create date older than that.
  • Fileshare
    1 Posts | Last post January 20, 2016
    • I've made the same suggest to Lasso in the past, on the Fileshare backup maybe exclude the DeviceUpdateStore, or at least until MS figure out how to flush n-2 out of the folders...