This is a utility program to manage Small Basic extensions. 

It is also part of SB-Prime, so if you use SB-Prime then there is no benefit downloading this utility separately.


To install, download, extract and save the contents in a folder somewhere and run SBExtensionManager.exe.


Listing by most recent first.


If you add a file called SBExtensionManager.settings in the downloaded application folder (the same folder as SBExtensionManager.exe) some settings may be changed.

The format is to add the setting value, a '#' and then a label identifier for the setting in this file.  For example:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Small Basic # SBINSTALLATIONPATH


It uses a web database maintained by me to list current versions of extensions, and can handle extensions for different versions of Small Basic.

It manages (Web) based extensions downloaded through the utility as well as extensions you install locally (Local).

The minimum requirements to add an extension to the database are that a web accessible zip download exists containing the extension dll and xml files.

By default it assumes that Small Basic is installed in the default location (see settings to over-ride this):

Hopefully the number of extensions supported by this utility will grow.

If you would like an extension added to the database, or have other suggestions then please leave a message on this site or on this Small Basic Forum Thread.

With the utilitiy you can:

The utility interface below shows installed extensions, their status and single click options to install/update or enable/disable.  Only available extensions for the currently installed version of Small Basic are displayed.

Right click an extension to get additional details and options.

Extended Small Basic Development Environment

This is a Small Basic development environment (IDE) with debugger, extension management, extended editing as well as all of the features present in the standard Small Basic IDE.  More details and download can be found on Technet Gallery.