Small Basic Prime 1.1.6

A Small Basic development environment (IDE) with debugger.
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  • Update?
    3 Posts | Last post August 30, 2019
    • When will this be updated? It's pretty great now, but it has several annoying bugs, especially in the shapes editor. For instance, you can't press delete or use the arrow keys in textboxes in the shapes editor, as it throws an error. There are quite a few other bugs too.
    • Hi, thanks for the question.
      I can see the shapes editor textbox issue.  I didn't know about it and I don't know of any others.  So if you or anyone can list bugs that I can reproduce, then I will fix if I can.
    • Shapes Editor keys issue fixed and updated
  • Hotkeys
    2 Posts | Last post April 07, 2019
    • Nice IDE and debugging features, much better than the SmallBasic IDE.
      Are there any hotkeys to add breakpoints, bookmarks, etc?  Is there a list of hotkeys I can refer to?  Thanks in advance.
    • Hi, there are some hotkeys, following Visual Studio for the main ones.  They are indicated where they exist in the correspondig ribbon tooltip.
      Run current program (F5)
      Stop current program (Shift+F5)
      Start/Resume current program when debugging (F6)
      Stop current program when debugging (Shift+F6)
      Toggle breakpoint at current line (F9)
      Step over the next statement if it is a subroutine (F10)
      Step through current program, or start and pause at first statement (F11)
      There are also various Control keys like Contro+N for new.  They are all listed in tooltips.
  • Debugging
    2 Posts | Last post January 01, 2018
    • Once again a superior piece of work.
      Thanks for responding so timely. I knew how to use breakpoints etc and do appreciate the PDF explanation. I should have been more clear. I wanted to be able to have the new ide and the program windows up at same time. When I click resizing on top menu, my IDE window went to a 2 inch ribbon with just upper left showing. So I was flipping back and forth between IDE and my program graphics window. When I manually resize from the tiny ribbon on the IDE I was able to see both IDE and Application window at same time and interact accordingly. Works GREAT!
      I have also found what I believe to be the main forum thread on the IDE and will ask any further questions there.
      Once again thanks for the response and the new IDE. 
    • Ah I see.
      I also get the 'small window thing' sometimes which I just drag to the left to go 'half screen' in Windows 10, but usually I run the IDE at about 60% my display width with full height (not full screen and intellisense minimised).
      When debuggging, I put a pause after the GW is created and then position it somewhere not overlapping IDE or at least partly visible.  I experimented a bit using transparency on the IDE, but other issues with that cause more confusion than it solves.
  • Debug
    3 Posts | Last post December 11, 2017
    • This IDE looks great!
      When debugging I cannot interact with the visuals of the program. In other words, if debugging Tic Tac Toe, I cannot enter an "X" or an "O" to see how the program reacts. Is it not able to do that or have I missed something.
    • Hi,
      Debugging allows the program to pause to see values and the path the program takes etc, so when it is paused you cannot interact with it (it is paused).
      When it is not paused (running) you can interact as normal with it.
      You can put break points so when the code reaches a break point it pauses.
      When the program is paused you can resume running (Run), or step to the next statement (Step), with step vairiants to to step out or over subroutines.
      When the program is paused a yellow background highlights the line it is paused at.  When it is not paused (running) there is no yellow highlight line.
      One last point, make sure you have the recent version, although debugging has worked like described from the start.
    • To help I wrote a short document describing how to debug.  The following is a link to it.  The link may disappear in the future if I do something more formal with help.