This is the LitDev extension for Small Basic version 1.2. 

It has loads of extra functionality with over 60 new objects and over 1000 methods, properties and events; including 2D physics, 3D rendering, controls, dialogs, graphing, statistics, matrices, lists, sorting and searching (Regex), faster arrays, USB and COM connection, SQLite, MySQL, SqlServer, OleDb and Odbc databases, webcam, multiple GraphicsWindows, scrollbars, image processing, date and time handling, debugger, client-server interaction, encryption, clipboard, extended music and sound recording, parse xml, file zip and ftp, asynchronous and argument subroutine calls, inline C# and javascript code and lots more.

See for alternative download, additional details, online documentation, source code and other resources like xml langiage converter.

The source code is also available on GitHub.

As with all Small Basic extensions, copy the extension dll and xml (inside the download zip) to a lib sub-folder of the Small Basic installation folder, usually in one of the following locations:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Small Basic\lib
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Small Basic\lib

You may require to create the lib folder if it doesn't exist.

If the extension commands fail to appear in Small Basic (type LD and no options appear) then you may need to unblock the downloaded dll.  Right click LitDev.dll and select Properties and clear the block if present.  Alternatively, unblock the downloaded zip file before unzipping the content.

Copy all other files (documentation and samples) elsewhere.

Language Packs

Copy language xml to lib folder to get LitDev extension intellisense when running Small Basic IDE with additional languages.

Note these may not be updated for each version release - you can create your own with the Translate XML utility.

Extended Small Basic Development Environment

This is a Small Basic development environment (IDE) with debugger, extension management, extended editing as well as all of the features present in the standard Small Basic IDE.  More details and download can be found on Technet Gallery.