Current Version: 1.1

Version history:

Developed in response to direct customer feedback, this design calculator (a macro-enabled Excel spreadsheet) combines prescriptive design workflow and computation with deployment and configuration best-practices, empowering users to design a resilient and high-performance storage solution based on Windows Server 2012 R2 with Storage Spaces and Scale-Out File Servers.  The spreadsheet leverages preconfigured solution templates (including small, medium and large-scale examples) which can then be adjusted to match specific solution requirements and available hardware available from a Storage Spaces solution vendor.

For detailed information about the Storage Spaces design best practices this spreadsheet uses, see the Software-Defined Storage Design Considerations Guide.  And for background info about Storage Spaces, see the Storage Spaces Overview.

Initial version (v1.0) goals:

Out-of-scope for the current release:

There are two primary sheets in the spreadsheet: The QuickDesign sheet (Figure 1), which lets you see a simplified view, and the AdvancedDesign sheet (Figure 2), which lets you start with a template and then customize it to fit your unique requirements.

Figure 1 – The QuickDesign sheet of the spreadsheet.

Figure 2 – The AdvancedDesign sheet of the spreadsheet.

Note: The SDS design calculator is a macro-enabled Excel spreadsheet (the macros are required for proper function) and the below security prompt is expected when launching.

If you have received a copy of this spreadsheet from any source other than TechNet Gallery, please delete and re-download.