Hello Every One,

i managed to completely clear the warning on one of my DP's ("Failed to retrieve the package list on the distribution point")

i will list every step i gone through to clear this message.

This problem is due to mismatch between Packages listed in Content Library  and in WMI.

so first Thing to do is to create excel sheet to list all packages in content library and WMI to compare between them and know what packages are causing this Warning.

this massage was appearing on my primary server which has DP rule installed.

1-navigate to your server file explorer and go to contentlib Folder and open PKG folder, you will notice that it contain a lot of files each one named by the id of one of the packages so you can open command prompt in this location then execute Dir command and copy pkgs id to the first column of the excel sheet.

2-open sccm Manager and navigate to Administration>>Distribution points>> Properties of the DP >>content     and write all packages ID's in the Excel sheet

3-On the Affected DP >>open start menu>> type wbemtest.exe and open as administrator

connect to root\sccmdp

click open instance and type SMS_Packagesincontlib then click instances 

you will find all packages stored in WMI list them in Excel sheet 

now you can start comparing between them to see the difference 

if there is a package in wmi and doesn't exist in content lib and and DP content mark it and press delete button in wmi tester
if there is a package in content lib that doesn't exist in wmi navigate to it's location then  right click on it and click update distribution points
if there is a package in contentlib folder that doesn't in DP content delete the file from the folder

after you ensure that all the three locations have the same packages IDs run content validation task on Distribution Point 
from task scheduler >> Task Scheduler Library >>Microsoft >>configuration Manager >>content validation

then go to SCCM Logs and open smsdpmon.log and ensure that this error doesnot appear after content validation task started  "The package data in WMI is not consistent to PkgLib"
if there is an error validating one of the packages check that package and try the task again 

after task is finished you can see that the warning is cleared

Thank you.