Sync runbooks from Visual Studio Git repository to Azure Automation Account

This runbook syncs all runbooks from a Visual Studio online (VSO) git repository to an Azure Automation Account.

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Windows Azure
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  • This is missing the whole 'bottom-up' part
    2 Posts | Last post March 09, 2016
    • The runbooks are never sorted by their depth in the folder structure. 
      Instead, these runbooks are published in whatever order they are returned by VSO. 
    • I've created a PowerShell Module that can be easily imported into your Automation Account to Sync runbooks from VSO-Git. 
      This picks up where the incomplete Sync-VsoGitRunbook left off, and doesn't require manual dependency management nor obtuse folder structures. 
      The GitHub repo contains sample runbooks and instructions for how to configure VSO Service Hooks & create the Runbook WebHook to receive the VSO events.