The  solution provides an Azure Automation based PowerShell script (SyntheticTestWebsite.ps1) which takes two parameters (content and URLtoCheck). The content variable is what content to look for on the website. The URLtoCheck variable is the URL to check for availabilty. This script is dependant upon the OMS logging module ( To load this script:

1) Open your automation account in the Azure portal (Portal,

2) Create a new runbook with the content provided in the fild

3) Define variables for the WorkspaceID and WorkspaceShared key

4) Schedule the runbook to run in your automation account


The solution provides an OMS view for built in the view designer (Website Availability.omsview). To load this view:

1) Log into OMS (

2) Open the view designer

3) Import the view 


Please note: The azure automation script will have needed to have run prior to adding the OMS view. Additionally, it may be required to close and re-open your browser windows to see the data logged by the script. 


For full details on this solution see the blog post available at: