It has been "a while" since I have done any System Center Orchestrator Integration Pack deployments, so as a refresher (mostly for myself), I thought I'd document the process while deploying a new Orchestrator 2016 server.  Automation is king, so I'm always interested in keeping my skillsets up to date. 


First off, make sure to forget everything you know about logical import processes.  Run these steps to get everything up and running.

1. Launch the Orchestrator Deployment Manager and right click the Integration Packs folder to register the IPs with Orchestrator

2. Run the registration wizard

3. Now that the IPs are registered, deploy them the same way.  Just find each IP and right click to deplopy to the Runbook Server.

4. The final step is to register connection info for each Integration Pack. 

Now that we have a working automation server, its time again to take full advantage of the System Center products as well as the standalone monitoring and alerting.


Good luck with your deployments.