Note: This was made for my enviorment and if you intent to use it to train others it should first be edited to reflect yours. It is intended to be instructor led material. I am at a global company with many sites, about 2k users, multiple time zones, and much more to take into consideration. This may not be a concern for a single site company and the things I have added could be over kill. Even if you are using SCCM currently you might discover a new method or tool by reading through these. 


Change log - These additional sections will be added both in the folder and the attchemnts below so for those who already downloaded the content previously you may download only the new sections from the attchments

Update 4/25/19 - Added 3rd Party Add-on section "System Center Third Party Applications"

Update 5/01/19 - Added exam for Task Sequence Editing. This should be taylored toward your own enviorment but will provide you with an idea of tasks to be performed. I only put in three tasks because the first and third are quite time consuming for someone who is new to this. 

Update 5/15/19 - Revamped Application Management in SCCM.pptx removing bad info, adding new info, and finally changing the over all look and appeal. 

Update 6/3/2019 - Application repackaging has been added. 

Update 8/6/2019 - Added Error Handling for Task Sequence: Automatic Log Collection




I had been tasked with training others to use SCCM and had been giving Power Point Presentations along with talking about everything and even giving them tests to ensure they can properly read log files. I thought it might be good to share these training materials and allow others to work off the templates. Feel free to download and leave any thoughts. I will probably add to this as I add more material if I see people are using it. 

Recommended Order:

First Download All Attachments 

Application Management in SCCM

SCCM Task Sequence 

Advanced Task Sequence Part 1 UI++

Advanced Task Sequence Part 2 

Log File Reading Test 1 (guide them through this for practice)

Test logs .7z (try to let them figure it out on their own here)

System Center High Level Fundamentals

System Center Third Party Applications

System Center Task Sequence Editing Exam (aid them in working through this one but try to let them figure it out)

Application Repackaging

(At this poiint you should be able to hand them a Task Sequence with some directions on anything needed, have them run it, and fix or improve anything in it telling them to contact you if they hit a dead end)

Error Handling for Task Sequences

Examples of slides: