SCVMM is the tool for managing physical servers, storage and network which helps in creating virtual machines in private cloud or in Your environment through single console only using VM Templates.

VM Templates are pre-defined Virtual Disks (Virtual Hard Disk - VHDs) in which we configure required settings and save then in SCVMM Library. Using those VHD files, we create VM templates and then further using them for VM Templates.

Using single VM Templates, You can deploy as many VMs as You want at same time (I have tested for 50 VMs provisioning at same time). 



There are many other features like You can monitor status for Servers or VMs if running or any error. You can see resources utilisation in Overview Dashboard of Server. You can configure PRO-Tips with SCOM to see Host Utilization, Virtual Machine Utilization and Capacity Utilization reports for all Servers and VMs.

You can also use power-shell scripts to automate many tasks in templates.

Using SCVMM 2012 and SCVMM 2012 SP1, You can also convert Physical Server to Virtual Server (P2V) but only condition is physical server must have disk formatted as NTFS. (FAT Formatted conversion is not supported).

In SCVMM 2012 R2, P2V is removed. Now, Microsoft has given separate tool for P2V know as MVMC 3.1, This tool can be used to convert Physical Server to Virtual Server.


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