Presentation by Richard Mueller, Microsoft MVP in Directory Services, during day 2 of the International TechNet Wiki Summit 2015, held March 18, 2015, at 17:45 UTC. The presentation discusses this TechNet Wiki article:

Wiki: Cross-Linking

The growing number of acronyms and terms used in the TechNet Wiki reflects the evolving technologies we deal with. Rather than explain every term and acronym we use, we can link them to a glossary in the Wiki. This presentation discusses features to make our Wiki articles more useful and easier to find. This can also increase article views, leading to recognition system points. It also can mean that our articles get better scores in search engines, so they appear higher in search results. Three kinds of linking are discussed and demonstrated:

Download the PowerPoint slides linked above to view the slides used during the presentation.

The following is the outline of steps used during the demo:

  1. Open both Parent and Target Wiki articles in separate browser windows
  2. View the Target article
  3. Copy the Target article title to the clipboard from the breadcrumb near the top (Ctrl-C)
  4. Switch to the Parent article and click Edit
  5. Paste from the clipboard (Ctrl-V) where you want to link the Target article

The Target article title becomes a hyperlink. You can view the properities by highlighting and clicking the "Hyperlink Manager" in the tool bar. Next:

  1. Open a search results page
  2. Copy a Wiki article title from the search results page to the clipboard
  3. Switch back to the Parent article (still in Edit mode)
  4. Paste from clipboard

We achieve the same result. The friendly Wiki article title is pasted in our Parent article, but it is a hyperlink to the article. Next:

  1. Switch back to the Target article
  2. Hover over a heading in the Table of Contents (TOC)
  3. Right click and select "Copy shortcut"
  4. Switch back to the Parent article
  5. Paste from clipboard (still in Edit mode)

The url to the heading in the Target article is pasted into our Parent article. Notice the anchor tag (the string after the "#" character) at the end of the url. This is the anchor tag name of the heading in the article, so the address opens the Parent article and jumps immediately to the specified heading. This hyperlink works, but the text is not friendly. Next we revise our steps:

  1. In the Parent article (still in Edit mode) enter friendly text where we want to link
  2. Highlight the text
  3. Click the "Hyperlink Manager" button on the tool bar
  4. Paste the url from the clipboard into the url field
  5. Save the Parent article

Now in the Parent article we can demonstrate that each of the links we created works as expected. The first two links open the Target article. The next two links open the same article, but at the heading we selected. Next:

  1. Open new a Target article that is a glossary (example - Active Directory: Glossary)
  2. Navigate to the term you want (in our case we select "L" in the TOC and look for the term "LDAP")
  3. We see the definition of LDAP. This term has an anchor tag, but we cannot determine the anchor tag name needed to link here
  4. Edit this Target article
  5. Switch from the Design tab to the HTML tab
  6. Scroll to find "LDAP" in the HTML
  7. The line we find (in our example) is: <p><a name="LDAP"></a><strong>LDAP</strong></p>
  8. Only "LDAP" shows in the article, but we now see the anchor tag name "LDAP". The author creates anchor tags for all glossary entries, and makes the anchor tag name the same as the term or acronym, but with spaces replaced by underscores, "_". The anchor tag names are not case sensitive.
  9. Back out of the Target article without saving
  10. Copy url of the Target article to the clipboard (Ctrl-C)
  11. Switch back to the Parent article
  12. Edit the Parent article
  13. Highlight the term or acronym we want to cross-link, in this case "LDAP"
  14. click the "Hyperlink Manager" button in tool bar
  15. Paste the url from the clipboard into the url field
  16. Add the "#" character followed by the anchor tag name, "LDAP", to the end of the url
  17. Save the Parent article

Now in the Parent article we can demonstrate that the string "LDAP" is cross-linked to the entry in the TechNet glossary Wiki. When you click the link, the glossary article is opened and we see the definition for "LDAP" (the expansion of this acronym and a short description). The cross-link works as expected.

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