Management Pack Bundle with source code for a task that reads a list of Analysts from up to 3 AD groups/domains, places those users into a drop-down and allows you to assign an Incident to your selection. A comment can also be specified which is added to the Action Log (unless running the task from a form). Tier can optionally be shown.

Administration settings are provided under "Settings for Assign To Analyst Task":

Use DEL to clear any current value for Tier Queue (if shown, on the task form itself).


1. This only works for incidents, I have not included other workitems.

2. Usernames across domains are assumed to be unique.


When running from a form, Service Manager automatically adds an action log entry for the re-assignment and so does the task (which includes the comment) so you end up with two log entries.

Tested and works with SCSM 2012 (Beta).


03/11/2011 - Apologies, I have removed the source code. However, the task can now be run from an incident form, new or existing. Uses IDataItem.

07/11/2011 - Updated to fix some problems with IDataItem and enumeration display names.

08/11/2011 - Added a "Show Tier" setting which, if ticked, allows the Tier Queue (Support Group) to be changed also.

08/11/2011 - Source re-added.

22/11/2011 - Action Log now updated if task is run from a form.

25/11/2011 - Can now specify the type projection property names for Assigned To User and Action Logs if different to the defaults of "AssignedUser" and "ActionLogs". Changing these values for invalid names will cause the task to throw an exception.

MP version 7.0.6555.95.