OSD Tattooer Script

*** EDIT ***

Update to version 1.4.3:

Added Online help. Use get-help .\New-OSDTattoo.ps1 -Online to get the latest help, version of the script, and other infos.

Commented OSDVuildVersion TS variable out.

Update to version 1.4.2:

The following two Tattoos have been renamed:
PSDistrict_TaskSequenceName became –> PSDistrict_TSName
PSDistrict_TaskInstallationID became –> PSDistrict_TSId

Update to version 1.4.1:


Cleaned up script.

Correct minor bugs, and added WMI instance Creation.

I have updated the script to it's version 1.1

--> Added a -Root swithc witch allow to specify the name of tattoo root.

Read more about the added features, and how to set up here ---> http://powershelldistrict.com/osd-tattoo-powershell



Are you a deployment engineer, or are you working with Operating System deployment and are you using Configuration Manager 2012 to do so ?

It is a common practice to tatoo the Windows Image during OSD to have global information of your image on your final build machine. This helps to identify different versions of image, which task sequence has been used, when it got installed, who inititated the process etc.. Actually, only your imagination will limit your tatooing needs here.

The following script I am sharing here is a script that will be the most usefull for all the deployment engineers.

It will help you to tatoo any information that is gathered during your Task Sequence into one (or all) of the following locations:

How does it work?

Based on task sequence environment variables, deployment information will be tatooed into the Windows image for reporting purposes.

Detailed instructions can be found right here