If you want to bring your own PSTN carriage via SBC/Gateway to Microsoft Teams then you have to do quite a bit of configuration within Office 365. This configuration is done using PowerShell and can be complex to understand for someone who hasn’t worked a lot with Skype for Business Enterprise Voice deployments in the past (or even if you have!). This is especially the case if you have multiple gateways deployed around the country or world and there is some complex failover routing required. In order to help to make this easier I have created a new tool that gives you a full GUI for creating, troubleshooting and testing your Direct Routing configuration.

Tool Features:

What doesn’t it do?



1.00 Initial Release

1.01 Update:


For more details go to the full blog post here: https://www.myskypelab.com/2019/02/microsoft-teams-direct-routing-tool.html