TemplateCopy for Service Manager is currently a stand-alone application (but might be integrated as a console task further down the road). It lists all your object templates and enables you to create copies of a selected template. This will save you some time if you’re creating lots of templates with small differences. When a copy has been created you use the Service Manager console to make modifications to it.


Limitations to current version (Beta 2)

The current version only allows you to copy a template that is stored in an un-sealed management pack.

A given display name of a template copy is stored using the English language code. If you want to provide a localized display name for a copy, you need to manage that manually outside the tool.


The tool is currently a beta and used at your own risk. Therefore, please use the tool in a non-production environment. The management packs containing the copied templates can be exported and transferred to a production environment after being tested in a non-production environment.