Today I come with a list of the best applications for women; health, clothing, social, to link, productivity and many more.

Today, mobile technology is a totally essential part for the majority of the population. Its development is linked hand in hand with mobile apps, which we can use to improve our quality of life. Find questions to ask a girl at truthquestion


Period Tracker


Undoubtedly, one of the most useful for any woman with menstruation.

Working as a kind of calendar, you will know the days when it will appear and go. You can even know which are the most fertile monthly periods.


For lovers of clothes.

With DressApp you can create a kind of "online wardrobe" in which you can create different looks with real brand clothing.

In addition, you will also have options such as setting notes for your looks or even buying them from the application itself.

It is one of the most downloaded and most successful applications among women.



With this application you will get great discounts in your city, in bars, restaurants, spas or cinemas.

It also gives you the option to share your location to discover what interesting sites are around you.

Calorie Counter


Calorie Counter allows you to control the calories you have ingested throughout the day. In this way you can stay in your line without much trouble.

Its utility is maximum, since it allows you to scan the bar codes on the screen to transfer the data to the mobile or enter it if you prefer it manually.

Circle of 6


Safety is the most important first of all. Therefore, Circle of 6 allows you to name a total of 6 people so that, in case of not responding in a period of time, give the alarm that something has happened to you.

The app is designed specifically for solo travel, especially late at night.

Adopt an uncle


Nothing to envy to the current applications of linking. His style is similar, although the difference lies in the option of making decisions at the beginning of the conversation to take the control and direction of the relationship from the start.



A Linkedin by and for women. Know the curricula and professional activities of different women.

You can get in touch with them and thus open your range of job opportunities!


2Baby Bump

For pregnant women who seek to have some control over the different stages of their pregnancy.

From the day you became pregnant, Baby Bump is giving you information about the growth of the baby, in addition to the days of your possible "outflow of accounts".


3S.OS Woman

Very complete for any woman. In it you can find both healthy recipes to keep the line and beauty and fashion tips or even explanatory videos on emotional health among many other things.

Fashion Style


App where you will find different videos, photos and interviews with models and designers to always be informed about the trends of the moment.

Also, you can see the designs that are giving more to talk about with specialized news in the fashion weeks of New York, Paris, Milan and Madrid.

Make up


Do you have problems with makeup? With Make up, you can take care of it a bit more, since this application analyzes your facial tones to recommend the colors that most closely match you at every moment of the day.



Glamor is one of the most well-known magazines worldwide with regard to women. All the topics that may interest you will find them among its pages, so there is no better idea than downloading your official application so you do not miss anything at all.



Along with Glamor, another of the pillars in what refers to the women's press. You can find an endless amount of information on fashion, sexuality, beauty, etc ... to be able to complement it with the previous application described.



Currently there is a great concern regarding the body. Taking a few extra kilos can be a concern for many. Therefore, CardioTrainer helps you stay in shape and compare what you have ingested and what you have burned.

Relax and Sleep


After a hard day's work, nothing better than putting on your helmets and enjoying this useful app.

You can listen to more than 35 relaxing tracks that mix both melodies and environmental sounds, without forgetting that you can program your alarm from the application itself.

Grandma's advice


This curious application will work as what it pretends to be: a series of grandmother's tips to guide you in your life and help you as much as possible in regards to your doubts.

It will answer a lot of questions, even cooking!



Buy and sell clothes, either second hand or first. Chicfy is thought for and for girls, since their offers are only for women's clothing.

In the application you can find incredible bargains that you would not normally find anywhere else.



Add effects to your photographs to cover imperfections so that you can show off the pictures.

You will have a total of five camera trigger levels and an infinity of effects and filters to apply them.

My calendar


Very similar to Period Tracker. The functions are very similar, although in my opinion, its interface usually seems less intuitive than the previous one. Even so, it is a great application to be able to organize your menstrual periods.


When you're ready to go out, take a picture with the model you have. Then, use Cloth and you will be able to classify the different looks you have put on to plan the clothes you are going to wear, as well as share them on different social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

Coppertone my UV alert

Are you going to go to the beach to sunbathe and try to catch some color? Coppertone my UV alert shows you the temperature that it does, in addition to the UV radiation index and the cream that you must use among other things to avoid major problems.