The advantage? It adapts to any style and morphology. It's a wonder because you can go smart or casual and it looks just as good on thin girls as on shorter women. It's simple and everyone likes it, so why do some people hate it? 

Wearing this garment well is an art and badly put can become a catastrophe. In the blink of an eye, we can go from going super into being more than out. So to avoid mistakes, here is the instruction manual to be divine wearing the sarouel.

Choose a sarouel

The first step to look good is to buy it and we can not do it if we do not analyze some details. Are you confused, which sarouel to buy, have a look at sarouel homme which has a wide variety of sarouels.  Now coming to the selection of sarouel as like dresses, we will not buy the same sarouel in one store as in another. This garment finds its origin in the eastern countries, where it is worn both daily and for great occasions. Something similar happens on the catwalks. The sarouel is transformed according to the desire of the creators. Some like Yves Saint Laurent gives a very smart touch with noble materials while others choose the flower power style. 

When choosing it you should pay attention to the cut and the matter. What is your style? elegant or "ready to go to Morocco? If you want to be more elegant opt for sober colors and noble fabrics such as cotton. If, however, you are looking for something more similar to the oriental garment of origin, stay with the vaporous ones. When you try it, see how well you have the back. There are large distribution chains that take advantage of fashion and do not pay attention to cuts. The result? We took home a new sarouel ... and a huge ass! Of course, a poorly chosen sarouel can enlarge the buttocks. Passing shame does not kill anyone but still ...


This winter the sarouel should be worn down and especially long. The beauty of this piece is precisely the wide/narrow paradox in the same garment. So: closed at the ankles and wide at the hips.

To play with the wide effect you have to mark your body well. No long tops, the best thing is a tight shirt with a fitted jacket. The strong point is to mark the waist so that the silhouette retains all its femininity.

To be the most beautiful with sarouel you have to be discreet, combine similar tones for the top and bottom. Why? Well, because there is more than enough with the shape of the sarouel. The original cut is already striking and if we add striking colors ... it will be too much. In addition, combine prints with the sarouel ... you will quickly realize that it is not a very good idea. So the key is to unify.

Finally, to close the set, the little feet should be sheathed in the most beautiful accessories we have. The shoes with rhinestones are perfect and the heels of vertigo even better. The most for the winter: the sarouel with high-heeled ankle boots.

Perfect combinations

-Sarouel + tank top + Roman sandals = total fashion! Combine the set with ethnic accessories and a leather bag. The perfect set for summer. 

-Sarouel + black leather jacket + tight shirt + plaid scarf = you're ready for the coolest seasons. Do not forget the shoes closed to the ankle and with a heel. 

The last tip, make-up, and accessories should be elegant unless you want to be confused with Princess Jasmine. A black belt, a vintage bag for the night or a leather bag for the day, hair collected in a bun or in an impeccable hairstyle, etc. That's it you have everything to look as you want with your sarouel.