Tools to search for and list Guids for Service Manager objects - v7.5.1561.4

Anyone using the Service Manager SDK will want to find the Guid of that enumeration they just added, or for a Management Pack, Relationship Class, Class or Template.They can be extracted from the database but it's a little time consuming.Instead, try this command line tool. It ac
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  • Share source code?
    1 Posts | Last post March 01, 2016
    • This was a very useful tool, thank you very much.
      I wonder if you'd be willing to share the source code?
  • trying to get parents too
    1 Posts | Last post October 15, 2015
    • i am trying to import incident using csv import, for that i need incident classication enum
      but ur tool only show childs
      any way to make it show it parent or the tree?
      something like programs/office/outlook enum.3425234632432432432
      right now only show outlook. its repeat in other trees
  • Instructions
    3 Posts | Last post July 01, 2012
    • So how do I use this? When double clicked it runs like a a batch file and closes, did it create something somewhere?  If ran in PS it creates a bunch of stuff but I'm not sure how to read it?  Little help?
    • Nevermind, I got.  Thanks anyway
    • Yep, it is a command line tool :)