Turtle Maze is a simple 2D maze game.

To play, download the Zip, unZip it and double click the application file. The Zip includes source code.

Turtle Maze v1.0

Is a 120 lines of Small Basic.

It has 4 pre-made mazes which are navigated by a turtle using the arrow keys. Each maze is timed and the total time is displayed at the end of the game.

Mapping & Graphics

The mapping technique used is some what unique. Instead of storing information on where the walls are I've used the graphics to do this for me.

By drawing the maze image to the GraphicsWindow and using GetPixel you can determine when the Turtle hits the wall. This way is relatively easy to code and doesn't require an algorithm to produce the mazes. Mazes can be drawn quite easily using maze drawing programs found on the internet.

Using an algorithm to create the mazes could be a bit trickier but is much more efficient.


There's no known bugs at the moment.

Future Releases

v1 releases may include:

v2 would include: