This is an XML template file for Microsoft User Environment Virtualization (UE-V). The template describes where the application SetACL Studio stores its per-user settings so that UE-V can synchronize these settings between different computers.

Created on

The template was created on Windows 7 SP1 with the beta version of UE-V Generator.

Paths included in the template

File System



Using the template

Use either of the following methods.

Configure a central catalog path

Set the following registry value on all computers where the UE-V agent is installed:

Value Type: REG_SZ
Value name: "SettingsTemplateCatalogPath"
Value data: path to central template directory

Copy the template to the central directory path configured by the registry value SettingsTemplateCatalogPath.

Register  the template on each computer individually

Run the following PowerShell command on each computer where the UE-V agent is installed:

Register-UevTemplate -path <path to template XML file>

More information

A detailed description of how this template was created can be found in my blog article Walkthrough: Creating a UE-V Settings Location Template.