This is an XML template file for Microsoft User Environment Virtualization (UE-V). The template describes where Windows Media Player 12 stores its per-user settings so that UE-V can synchronize these settings between different computers. Check the application version information stored in this XML file against the executable version information in your environment - Windows Media Player settings are common across all versions of Media Player, so changing the executable version will ensure the template suits all versions of Windows.



This template was created on Windows 7 SP1 using the first beta release of UE-V beta; however it should work correctly on all supported platforms


Managed Profile Locations

The template will manage the following profile locations:


Using The Template:

To register the template with PowerShell use the following command from a PowerShell prompt (replacing the network path with the correct path for your environment):

Register-UevTemplate -path <path to UE-V template fole>

Alternatively set the following registry value on all computers where the UE-V agent is installed:

Copy the template to the central directory path configured by the registry value SettingsTemplateCatalogPath.