Dust, fingerprints, even parts from food and drinks are just some of the things that prevent you from having a clean computer screen. The scene looks even more dreadful if you have little children and pets as well as friends and relatives who leave their fingerprints on the screen. So, what do you do?

Yes, even though many people like to use a kitchen rag as well as some Windex and even vodka, it may not be the best choice available. That is because the monitor screen has a much more resistant coating which can’t be wiped off so easily.

Here we’ll go deeper into the subject of cleaning your computer screen so that you can enjoy your Internet surfing, gaming, working, and watching videos to the fullest.

First Way: Cleaning With White Vinegar

There are multiple ways to clean your computer screen effectively. One of them is by using white vinegar. For this, you’ll, first and foremost, need a dry microfiber cloth, then white vinegar, a spoon, distilled water, a cloth that is free of lint, and a spray bottle.

Here’re all the steps in detail:

  1. Take the microfiber cloth and wipe off the dust from the computer screen.
  2. With the spoon, put the distilled water as well as the white vinegar in the small spray bottle. The ratio should be around 2:1. Shake a bit so that it all blends together well.
  3. Then spray some of the substance on the lint-free cloth.
  4. Time for wiping – lightly wipe your screen only in one direction until the whole screen is cleaned.

Second Way: Cleaning With Dish Detergent

The second option for cleaning your monitor is using liquid for dishwashing. If you opt for this method, this time you’ll need a microfiber cloth, which is used for dusting, and a microfiber towel. Then, the regular spray bottle and distilled water for the cleaning solution, dish detergent (obviously), and a dropper.

You’ll see that the second way is as easy and fun as the first one. So, here’s what you should do step-by-step:

  1. The first step is the usual one – eliminate the dust from your screen with the microfiber cloth.
  2. After that, put the distilled water in the small spray bottle and add dish detergent that doesn’t have ammonia in it. Since it’s a small bottle and you need just a bit of the cleaning substance, make sure that you put just one drop of the dish detergent in the bottle. You can use the dropper for help.
  3. Spray some of the substance on the towel.
  4. Then, wipe the screen with the towel lightly and in one direction.
  5. Finally, with the substance-free part of the towel, dry the screen.

Tips to Help You Along the Way

Before you embark on your cleaning adventure, make sure the monitor is turned off and unplugged from its power source. Also, it must be dry before turning it back on. What’s more, you shouldn’t use kitchen rugs for cleaning your computer screen. Towels from paper are also a no-no.As we previously mentioned, the dish detergent shouldn’t contain ammonia. And finally, when it comes to the cleaning, itself, don’t wipe in circles. Note that spraying directly on the screen is off limits; use a cloth, instead.

Final Words

Did you find this helpful? Have you tried cleaning your screen otherwise?