Uncommon Custom MP Fragments

Custom MP Fragments for Event Log monitors (2 state, 2 or 3 criteria event, Timed Script, Event with Powershell Recovery monitors. Additionally UNIX Monitors recently added. Also Report, Folder, Perf, Group View], Class, Group, Report,View,Folder Fragments, Exchange 2013

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  • Monitor Unix Shell Command prerequisites and differences?
    2 Posts | Last post December 12, 2019
    • Thanks, for this awesome MP Fragments :)
      But i'm a bit confused regarding prerequisites and the differences, defined in your Unix Shell Command Monitor fragments.
      you wrote in the description of one of them: 
      "Use this fragment if you have already imported the DataSource,ProbeAction,WriteAction,UnitMonitorType for UNIX to allow SampleCount and MatchCount"
      How can i import the DataSource,ProbeAction,WriteAction,UnitMonitorType for UNIX?
      what is the difference between the Sample Count and Match Count, aren't they the same?
    • Just Saw :)