Israel Dot NET Developers User Group (IDNDUG), November 2014 Meeting

Under the (hood of a) project

* First session: Multi- project-types Application

* Second session: Platform Invocation Services (Pinvoke)

How many times have you seen discussions and questions ending with the statement "it's impossible", "You can not do it in this type of application", etc'?How many times have you opened a project without understanding what is backstage? what the Visual Studio actually build for us on selecting a build in template? Can we combine several projects templates together and get one project with use multi-types of GUIs?What if I want to go even further to the "code behind the code". What is the actually result of converting our code into intermediate language?In this lecture, we talked about the code behind the code. We expanded our project using features from several different type of applications. In the second session, we expanded our project beyond the .Net using Pinvoke