• Using new version Microsoft Azure Powershell(v.5.7.0)
  • You have Azure Account.
  1. Open the Microsoft SDKs and Command-line Tools. URL: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/downloads/ Jump

  2. Scroll-down Select and Click  Command-line tools  >>>  PowerShell  >>> Windows install 

  3. After click open the download wizard. Then downloading

  4. After Select and Open the download software.

  5. Then Open view and loading software.

  6. After.. Step 01: Click Install Button 

  7. Step 02: Select and Click I Accept Button

  8. Step 03: Download progress Microsoft Azure PowerShell and Installing

  9. Step 04: Click Finish Button

  10. After Seeing wizard, Microsoft Azure PowerShell not be in this list. Because This version.   
  11. After Write and Searching option >>> Type the Azure poweshell 

  12. After seeing the result. "Microsoft Azure PowerShell Installed."

  13. Then open the Windows PowerShell ISE

  14. Loading..... Windows PowerShell ISE

  15. After Open the Windows PowerShell ISE

  16. Then type the command (Connect-AzureRmAccount) for connecting Azure Portal Account.

  17. If the command correct, loading and Open the Microsoft account Sign in wizard. Enter the your email address >>> click Next Button

  18. Enter your email address password.

  19. Then open in the Your Azure Portal Account details.