The modern world is unthinkable without the latest digital technologies and the Internet, which has penetrated into all spheres of our life, including education.The World Wide Web provides great opportunities for the development of education: distance learning, and access to a large amount of information. But at the same time, there is also the problem of protecting children from negative content that they encounter in the search for useful information on the Internet.

Today, to ensure the competitiveness of the education level in the global market, it is necessary to have extraordinary people in the staff. Not only those people who have special and fundamental knowledge, skills and abilities in their field of activity but also those who are able to search for information, learn new things, and think outside the box. And in this aspect of education, the role of World Wide Web cannot be underestimated.

HEC encourages E-learning:

The HEC “Higher Education Commission” which is an independent institution to regulate the higher education institutions of Pakistan also designed "Smart Education" program to carry out modern learning techniques in the country.

The implementation of HEC's programs in Pakistan and the orientation of the modern education system to the students lead to a new academic level. A level’s in which the Internet plays a significant role as an integral part of every major education program.

HEC offers free 8000 online courses to the students who have received a laptop under the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme and also for the students who are interesting in learning new things to enhance their knowledge. In collaboration with COURSERA, HEC is offering these free courses to the brilliant minds of Pakistan.

Here are some of the programs which are implemented by the HEC for the E-learning of students.

  1. 1.    HEC National Digital Library

HEC National Digital Library is a free program of HEC to provide students and researchers with free access to digital literature which includes databases, journals, e-Books and articles of various disciplines.HEC has provided access to online libraries through the internet and computer lab of the universities in Pakistan. Online Libraries play an important role in education. It can help you to learn from a wide range of articles and books.A significant breakthrough in education is playing distance learning. It gives a new opportunity to learn foreign languages, which is not only very effective but also expedient from the point of view of costs.

You will get direct access to:

In HEC Digital library, teachers and students can use electronic reference books, dictionaries, a collection of methodical literature in electronic form.


  1. 2.    Learning Management System

LMS (Learning Management System) is the HEC recognized program and repository of educational material which includes video lessons, lectures, presentations, books and courses, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. To use LMS you really need a fast internet. If you are not sure how fast your internet is, then you can always perform a Ptcl Speed Test and it will let you know how much speed you are getting

The abbreviation consists of three words:


With the help of LMS, you create a unified database of e-learning courses and materials. Such a base is a real storehouse of knowledge on your topic. Thanks to her, you keep and increase the internal expertise of the company.


Training is managed by the administrator. He assigns students to courses, tests, and checks homework.


LMS checks tests for you and records how much time each user has studied. The system generates these data in the form of a consolidated report in order to make it easier for you to assess the level of staff training.