We are removing the VPNs column from the Client apps - Apps landing blade in Intune. Use this script to pull together a VPNs report. If you are affected by this change, you'll have a Message Center post targeted to you. VPNs can still be configured in console, just not displayed in an all-up report. Here's the plan for change from the message center:


Plan for Change: VPN Column Removal from Intune Client Apps - App Blade

Due to significant blade performance issues, in the November release of Intune we will be removing the VPNS column from Client apps - Apps blade which is the first blade you land on after selecting Client Apps. The VPN field will still be accessible and editable from the VPN settings configuration under Device configuration > Profiles or you can also view the VPN settings in Client Apps - Assignments.


How does this affect me?

While we're not removing a feature the request to show the VPN field on the Client apps - Apps list blade was a customer-requested addition. When we make this change, you can still edit and view the feature, just not on this blade. You may have experienced significant performance issues when landing on the Apps blade in the Intune console. If you did report performance issues with the Apps blade, know that this will help to alleviate any VPN-related delays in showing the data.


What do I need to do for this change?

You don't need to take any action at this time, but you may want to let your IT staff and helpdesk know. If you are one of the customers that requested this feature, we have created a PowerShell script you can use to create a similar report. Download the script on this TechNet Gallery page.