Announcement, 11/12-2017:

The functionality of this contribution has been integrated in the "Onevinn SCCM Extensions", https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/SCCM-Extensions-for-driver-be30b298, please consider using that instead.


For years, we’ve been downloading and “used” other people’s contributions here and elsewhere on the Internet. Here’s a small payback in the form of a web service we’ve developed for Configuration Manager.

The main purpose of the methods exposed by the service is to ease the Deployment process; i.e. it’s designed for use in and from a running Task Sequence.

The advantage of using a web services as opposite to more traditional scripts are obvious. Firstly, most of the logic is moved to a central location, the server hosting the service. Secondly, firewall “openings” are reduced to a single port 80/443. As a bonus, we don’t need any privileged account information in scripts and packages. A single account is used for calling the methods, it has no own privileges thou, these are instead delegated the AppPool account server side.

Onevinn Web Services exposes methods for adding and removing computers from Collections and AD Groups, retrieving group memberships (used for application installation during OSD) as well as several different methods to avoid known issues during deployment. It also possible to reset PXE-flags and move computers between OU’s.


Johan Schrewelius


Acknowledgements, my colleagues:

Jörgen Nilsson @ccmexec, for testing and encouragement.

Sassan Fanai for extensive testing and feedback on documentation.


Change Log:


- Corrected bugs in a sample scripts and included MAC / UUID in methods

- Updated service


- Added a method for driver package handling, documented i separate post.