Onevinn Lock screen watermark (LSWatermark) is designed to show one, or a continues series of, pictures on the Windows 10 lock screen. The application itself is transparent and requires DotNet 4.6.2 or higher.

In this example we show an informational picture advising how to retrieve a new password, but the application can show any png or jpg within reasonable size and also mimic a simple slide show by rotating a series of pictures.



The download contains a couple of example pictures as well as a get started manual.

Please, post questions and request under Q/A, this is the first public version and you might want to suggest one or another feature, to extend the usability?




2019-06-29, v. 1.0.19180.02

- Added support for remote image folder (network share)

- Image(s) can now be positioned freely on the screen.


2019-07-03, v. 1.0.19184.01 

- Bugfix: Loading images recursively when specific language folder was missing.