Windows 10 Ransomware Escalation Prevention Script v1.0 

This script will prevent further escalation for those who'm do not have Endpoint Protection enabled in their organization. 

Off course Windows Defender in Windows 10 can protect some, but certainly not all threats. 

# Before everything - TEST, TEST, TEST and if you alter something, TEST, TEST, TEST!!! 

# Your options: 
# Disconnect all networkshares 
$disconnectsessions = "yes/no" 
# Remove Drive Letter D/E in case of check file being altered?# Be carefull when you have applications like dropbox / google drive installed. It might wants to delete it from the cloud. 
$removedriveletterD = "yes/no" 
$removedriveletterE = "yes/no" 
# Stop Dropbox for business if running (safety for not deleting cloud files and needing restore with Dropbox) 
$killdropbox = "yes/no" 
#Shutdown ALL networkadapters in case of check file being altered? 
$disableallnetworkadapters = "yes/no" 
# System shutdown if ransomware have been detected?# Type "shutdown -a" in run or cmd to cancel 
$shutdownsystemiffileisaltered = "yes/no"