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Most experts agree that the best way to upgrade Windows 10 is through a SCCM Task Sequence. No other means allows the same level of customization. However most suitable, a task sequence has its flaws and especially the end user experience could be improved, this is our way.

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  • Windows 7
    2 Posts | Last post Thu 10:34 PM
    • Will this upgrade tool work on a windows 7 in place upgrade? 
    • I used it when upgrading our 7 systems to 10.
  • Message Box Requirement in the TSLaunch
    1 Posts | Last post Wed 4:45 AM
    • Hi Team,
      I have a requirement in TSLaunch, users need to get the message box if the tslaunch fails to check or does not meet the any one parameters which were given in the configuration file which is used for TSLaunch
      I have tried to used CustomPSScript, Assessment failure and other parameters but we are not able to get the requirement to get the popup.Kindly please suggest me how can we app.
      As johan advised i am trying to use serviceui.exe from mdt tool kit but no luck to get the pop up if any assessment in the configuration fails. kindly provide me an example with the TS configuraton
      Help is appreciated.
  • Setting to "Ignore Content ID: XXXXXX"
    2 Posts | Last post February 16, 2020
    • We use a task sequence that has multiple detection methods based on language, so when I configure my deployment to "Pre-download content for this task sequence" TSLaunch.exe is constantly looking for all references files before it continues because I have "CheckContentAvailable" set to true. 
      In my environment depending on the detection method the "other language" OSUP (.wim) will not download locally to the machine to help save bandwidth and HDspace.
      The message I will see in TS.Log (which is to be expected)
      [WARNING] 02-05-2019 15:35:04 Content ID XXXXXXX not yet downloaded.
      In a future release it would be a godsend to have a setting to ignore a certain content IDs so TSLaunch.exe can continue with it's process if desired.  Here's an example:
      "IgnoreContent" value="True"/>
      "IgnoreContentID" value="XXXXXX" />
      Any suggestion or opinions please let me know.  
    • Hello TheDude45
      Did you ever come up with a solution for this issue which allowed you to use TSLaunch? I am running into the same problem with different install languages. 
  • Pre-Cache Content
    3 Posts | Last post February 16, 2020
    • Hi,
      in my Task Sequence there is a child TS which applies Drivers. The Problem is that tslaunch wait for them all to get cached. But that won't happen of Course. Is there a way to tell tslaunch not to wait for those Drivers to get cached. It should only wait for the OS to get cached.
    • why is the onevinn scheduled task still there AFTER the upgrade? I have to run something to delete this?
    • Hello Sinan, 
      Did you ever come up with a solution that allowed you to utilize TSLaunch and content pre cache? I am running into the same issue with different upgradeImages as we support mulit lang and I would like to pre cache only what lang the TS detects installed. 
  • Test Question.
    3 Posts | Last post February 16, 2020
    • Test Question. Test Question.
    • How do you call other config files?  If for example you have to split up the TS to deal with languages. Can you call the EXE and call another config? That way i can have 1 package with several programs i can deploy with various settings
    • Hello Dynas2001 and Johan,
      I am running into a similar issue. We have about 4 different OS install languages and trying to find a solution using TSLaunch as it is a powerful tool however it does not allow me to pre cache only the target machine lang as there is only one option for upgrade packageid and it looks for all content associated with the task sequence...
      Did anyone ever come up with a solution? 
  • CheckContentAvailable on SCCM 1906?
    5 Posts | Last post February 16, 2020
    • Has anyone tried to use this on 1906 that now allows you to pre-cache and filter drivers based on model?  It seems as if this tool does not account for that, as in SCCM doesn't pre-cache based on models it detects, saving download and space, but this tool is still waiting for the all the content and packages and drivers to be pre-cached if you have this feature set to True.  
    • I'm wondering the same as I've been trying to use this feature since we are using CMG for home-based users
    • Bump, I have the same challenge.
    • Bump, Me too.
    • I am running into the same issue trying to support multiple install languages. I have EN-US base langs and about 4 other languages to support. I can Pre-cache the target device OS upgrade image but this tool will wait for all packages as well as it only asks for one Upgradepkgid in the xml. 
      Has anyone else come across this obstacle? Any suggestions?
  • Mulit Lang WIM\Upgrade package support
    1 Posts | Last post February 16, 2020
    • Hello Johan, 
      I must say this is a great tool and I started using it to help promote positive user experience as well as saving user downtime as they can schedule whenever they want. 
      One issue I am running into is mulit lang support for the Upgrade OS packages. We have about 4 different OS Install languages in our environment and my Upgrade package is in EN-US. 
      The recommended solution I've found supported by microsoft is to use multiple OS upgrade packages and have each task sequence step query the system for the install lang so it will pick which wim\upgrade package to precache. However I can't find a way to integrate this solution with TSLaunch as the XML file only asks for One Upgrade package. 
      Have you or anyone here run into this issue and can recommend a possible solution? 
  • TSLaunch not executing the Task Sequence
    3 Posts | Last post February 14, 2020
    • Hi,
      So I have used the tool for a while now and I must say it's a great way to give our users the freedom to upgrade when it suits them and the ability to include multiple languages is a godsend since we have nearly 20 languages in our estate.
      However, sometimes I find that tslaunch runs all it's checks and displays the pop-up but when it tries to execute the task sequence nothing happens. It will log off the user and run UPGbackground but then do nothing. I suspect it has something to do with the SCCM client being busy doing something else so it can't launch the task sequence but ultimately I'm not sure.
      Anybody else experience this? It happens around 1/5th of the time and I find my users launch the upgrade multiple times and end up wasting an hour while it "upgrades" but ultimately it's doing nothing.
    • Sounds like you may have the wrong TS package ID in your XML, or you need to update the distros after modifying the XML.
    • Enable the UPGDebugPassword collection variable so you can exit out of the UPGBackground.
      Then have a look at Software Centre to see if any other apps or software updates are running.
      We saw that issue with a bugging install of Visio (status was stuck at "Installing") was holding up all other deployments including TSLaunch upgrades.
  • Quick note
    1 Posts | Last post February 13, 2020
    • Is the "AllowPostpone" setting in the XML a forgotten leftover from a previous build?  The description is not in the PDF documentation.
      Excellent job!
  • Modify Toast Notification?
    1 Posts | Last post February 12, 2020
    • First, this is an amazing tool and we have been using it since almost the beginning.
      Is there any support to modify the toast notification?  It would be helpful to be able to add an icon for branding and change/hide where it says TSLaunch.  
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