This downloadable content (Windows Azure Pack Tenant Provisioning Automation introduces ad collection of example PowerShell Scripts and SMA Runbooks that you can use to Automate Tenant Provisioning of Gallery Item VM Roles within Windows Azure Pack. This download is supported by the following posts on Building Clouds:

The download (Windows Azure Pack Tenant Provisioning Automation includes the following (14) files:

For the Service Administrator

For the Tenant Administrator

Note     XML (SMA Runbooks) and PS1 (PowerShell Scripts) files are both provided in the download. Use SMART for Runbook Import and Export to leverage the provided XML files in the above download for an enhanced experience in importing the example solution into your SMA environment.

Optional     Some of the scripts within this download contain commented out “optional” portions for Monitoring and Notifications. The associated Runbooks and Variables for these options are not included in this download. For more information about Monitoring and Notifications within SMA, please see the following blog post: Automation–Monitoring and Notifying in Windows Azure Pack with SMA